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South Shore Furniture, Cosmos Collection, 5 Drawer Chest, Black Onyx and Charcoal

What Is A Platform Bed?

What Is A Platform Bed? In the average American bedroom, it’s becoming more common to see a smaller framed bed, raised off the floor as compared to the monstrous wood framed beds with the protruding posts that we’re accustomed to seeing. So, just what is a platform bed and what’s all the hubbub about? Well, […]

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Furniture Tool

Furniture Tool Browsing Internet stores for new furniture is incredibly easy 99% of the time. Shopping online makes it effortless to browse through furniture sets, view a close-up of each piece, compare prices, and read customers reviews. The only hang-up is that there is no magical furniture tool to see exactly how each furnishing will […]


San Diego Furniture Stores

San Diego Furniture Stores In such a populated coastal city, it is shocking to see how few quality San Diego furniture stores shoppers have to choose from. Most people searching for new furnishings are likely to find their way to a crummy warehouse store filled with low-quality items and an uninformed, high-pressure staff. Others looking […]

Dining Furniture San Diego

Dining Furniture In San Diego

  Dining Furniture In San Diego County A family that eats together stays together. This simple saying should be enough to stress the importance of a nice dining set in the average American family home. This may not always be such an easy task in such a big, bustling city but owning a nice set […]

Home Decor San Diego

Home Decor Ideas

Home Decor Ideas in San Diego Looking for home decor ideas? Most shoppers’ searches will start off enthusiastically but will quickly to lose steam when they realize how difficult the process actually is. Not to worry, Anthology Furniture’s easy to use website is sure to spark up some home decor ideas. Whether you’ve just moved in or […]

Interior Designers San Diego

Interior Designers Furniture in San Diego

See our Contemporary Furniture in San Diego video here. We offer free shipping and delivery on all our items everyday, as well as competitive prices and great contemporary and modern furniture styles for Interior Designers in San Diego.   We offer great customer service and a wide range of options for any contemporary decor. We […]


What Is Contemporary Furniture?

  What Is Contemporary Furniture? San Diego Answers for San Diego People What is contemporary furniture? The term “contemporary” is often mixed up with “modern” despite their vast differences. So, what is contemporary furniture and what are these key differences? The word “contemporary” technically means up-to-date, while “modern” was a style created in the early […]


What Is Artwork?

  What Is Artwork?-Meaning and Definition What is artwork? Asking a question like “What is artwork?” will likely lead to a much more complicated answer than the asker may have initially bargained for. Art can technically be anything in an aesthetic medium, as long as it was “created” and it has the capacity to evoke […]

Office Chairs in San Diego

Office Chairs in San Diego

  Office Chairs In San Diego with Free Shipping With almost 300,000 firms in the city, you would be surprised at how difficult it is to find quality office chairs in San Diego. Luckily, has got a wide selection of hand-picked pieces to satisfy your home or corporate office needs. For a corporate setting, […]


Modern Chairs In San Diego

Modern Chairs In San Diego 2012 Looking to bring a quirky, fun, futuristic edge to your home? Anthology Furniture has the best selection of modern chairs in San Diego. “Modern” furniture was a revolutionary style that debuted as early as the 1920’s, focused on a cutting-edge look. Modern chairs in San Diego are often used […]

Furniture in San Diego

Furniture in San Diego

Furniture in San Diego As the second largest city in California, the average consumer should have no problem finding furniture in San Diego. Outlets, swap meets, warehouses, and even consignment shops are just a few of the options customers have to choose from when in search for the perfect pieces to liven up their home. […]


Ikea Furniture and Why There’s Better Stuff Out There

When you go to Ikea, you are lead like sheep through the pre-ordained route through the store, and you see product upon product that is made as cheaply as possible. Most of Ikea’s furniture lines are those of inferior quality and workmanship when compared to other furniture sources. If you do find something of quality, […]

San Diego Night

Contemporary Furniture in San Diego

Contemporary furniture in San Diego is found easily by searching the web or sites like When you are searching for your new piece for your home, there are many places in San Diego that you can look to, such as Jerome’s, Metro Decor, Plummer’s, and Mor Furniture. Some storefronts will offer high quality pieces […]


Contemporary and Modern Furniture Differences

The differences between Contemporary and Modern furniture are subtle and they are in fact more similar than they are different. Compared to traditional furniture, Contemporary and Modern furniture have clean lines and less embellishments. Contemporary furniture is more of a term to define “when” a certain type of furniture was/is popular. Victorian furniture styles shows […]

online shopping

Ordering Furniture Online

Ordering furniture online is a great way to furnish your home with the same quality goods that you would find from a brick and mortar store, but with the convenience and comfort of never leaving your home. In today’s society, online shopping is commonplace and should not be considered risky. However, as with anytime a […]


Grand Opening!!!

It has been a long time coming and many pitfalls along the way (including a complete site rebuild!), but it is finally here: The idea of this furniture store is to offer great looking furniture and home furnishings at low prices without compromising on quality or customer service. We work with multiple vendors and […]